October 14 - 19, 2019
Places available: Yes
Physical effort required: medium

Price 700EUROS/person (includes participation to the photo tour, bed and breakfast with another person in the room).
If you wish to stay in a single room there is another 160Euro fee.
To book a place send an email to tb@tomabonciu.ro with the title “Slovenia Photo Tour 2019

In October I invite you to a workshop in the beautiful Slovenia. We’ll photograph the colors of autumn in famous places like Lake Bled, Vintgar Gorge, Jamnik and the Julian Alps around Krajska Gora and Vrsic Pass.

We’ll be accommodated in two place. First we’ll stay 2 nights in the area of Lake Bled and then we’ll go for another 3 nights in Krajska Gora region. The price covers the participation fee, accommodation and breakfast. You’ll need to rent a car and pay for the other meals. Also there are some parking fees where we’re going.

General program (this can change depending on the weather and the group)
Day 1
We meet at the hotel and do the sunset at Bled Lake

Day 2
Tour at Vintgar Gorge

Day 3
Tour at Bohinj Lake
We leave for Krajska Gora
Sunset at Janna Lake (if we have time we also go to Vrsic Pass – if not we’ll cover this lcoation the next day)

Day 4
Tour in Soca valley

Day 5
Tour in Soca valley, Tolmin Gorge and Kozjak waterfall

Day 6
Last impressions and then we say goodbye :)

To participate to this photo tour you have to be over 18 years old and to be physically fit to hike in the mountains. The hikes are of medium difficulty: nothing technical, nothing dangerous but you need to know what it means to hike on the mountain.

To enroll for this photo tour you can send me an email at tb@tomabonciu.ro with the subject “Slovenia Photo Tour 2019“.

The price doesn’t include
- transportation to the hotel and in the area. You’ll have to rent a car and arrive at the hotel. We meet at the hotel
- other meals and souvenirs

Payment Details and Money back conditions
Payment is made through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay. The fee of Paypal is 2.5% and will be added to the amount you pay. You can also pay in an Euro bank account and you’ll have to pay transfer taxes (for transfers from Europe you can do a SEPA transfer that has very few taxes).
If you announce that you can’t come to the photo tour with few than 90 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back only 300 euros minus transfer fees.
If you cancel your participation before 90 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back all your money minus bank transfer taxes.

Here is a video I’ve made in Slovenia last year

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