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5 Hacks to UP your PHOTOGRAPHY in 100 seconds!

1. Long exposures in unusual places
Use a tripod, a remote control and an ND filter and take long exposures where you don’t necessary think of taking long exposures
TIP: search for elements that move near the ones that stay still

2. Move your camera while shooting
While shooting move the camera up and down | in circles | or just shake it for an interesting effect
TIP: it helps having a longer shutter speed

3. Zoom your lenses
While shooting zoom in or out | or first zoom in then hold your lens still and rotate your camera for a twist effect
TIP: the longer the zoom the better the effect looks

4. Gradual filters in unusual ways
You can use gradual filters to compensate for the sky’s brightness but you can also use them to create a path of light. Place two graduated filters like this and shoot inside the forest
TIP: you don’t have to have 2 identical graduated filters. You can use a 2 stops and 3 stops

5. Create cinemagraphs
Cinemagraphs are the new thing … and also look cool. Think of what you want to be still and then of the things that move. Make your subject still and let some elements continue their movement. Looks cool hugh? :)

Landscape PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s time for BLACK and WHITE

The snow that felt last night created a beautiful winter landscape so I had to go out and photograph it. I went out at sunrise hoping for some light but the clouds were gathered in the sky. Even though I saw no light the morning has something special so I think my photos turned ok.Continue Reading

Landscape Photography | Not the best light for photos

After a good sunrise with some nice light on the cliffs we returned at the hotel where I received a new lens for filming this vlog. We start hiking for the second part of the day and even though we leave with the sun on top of us soon the sky becomes covered in gloomyContinue Reading

Landscape photography | Photographing the sunrise and frozen waterfalls

This video was made at the first day of my workshop. We photographed the sunrise on top of Maria’s Rock and then we went for an incredible panorama over a 300m drop. The day continued with some icy waterfalls that offered some interesting opportunities. Thanks for watching and please consider subscribing for more videos likeContinue Reading

Photographing landscapes with 50mm lens as an experiment

I like to try different things and experimenting with new lenses is one of these things. I’m usually photographing with 17-40mm and using the 50mm lens is not the first thing a landscape photographer will think of using. Bu I gave it a try and I tried it to see what kind of photos I’llContinue Reading

Photography Motivation: Don’t just wait for things to happen

The New Year is almost here. It’s that time when everyone is making promisses to himself (or herself) on the things he or she will do in the next year. Are you one of those people? Of course you are! I’m also making plans and thinking of things to do and goals to accomplish! TheContinue Reading

Landscape Photography Vlog | Things dint worked the way I wanted

This vlog starts on a foggy morning. Unfortunately the fog doesn’t last so I’m forced to move. I find a waterfall that looks nice and then I go in search for more landscapes … I didn’t find anything else worth photographing!

Landscape Photography Vlog | In search of larch trees

Because it’s late fall and the leaves are on the ground I decide to go and search for larch trees, the only trees that look interesting enough right now. I’m heading to a panoramic point from where I hope to see an interesting flooring of vegetation. I take a break for a hot cup ofContinue Reading

Climbing rocks for better photos | Landscape Photography Vlog

I’m photographing in Sugau Gorge and Sugau Reservation on a rainy and foggy day. It’s not cold but the light rain that falls down can damage my camera … but the conditions are perfect for landscape photos. After doing a small waterfall I find a beautiful yellow larch tree in a forest of pine trees.Continue Reading

Tribute to the King of the Forest | Landscape Photography Vlog

Today I’m photographing on the fields around my town and also in another forest. The fog helps me to do some nice landscape photos. In the end I’m searching for an old tree but I find it dead.  This vlog is a tribute to this majestic and beautiful tree. Hope you’ll enjoy it and ifContinue Reading

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