Forest Photography Editing Course

forest photography editing 250x250Software used: Photoshop CC
Number of videos: 11
Duration: 1 Hour and 28 Minutes
Price: 30 25Euros
Size of the download archive: 646MB
Format: Full HD .mp4 video files
Download a video sample of the course to see if this is what you need
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Toma Bonciu aka “Photo Tom” on Youtube is a landscape and travel photographer with over 10 years experience. He organizes workshops, photo tours and editing classes for more than 5 years. Now you can purchase this forest editing course that shows you how Toma plans an edit and also how he executes his plan.

“Editing should always come as a consequence of a plan” I always say so hearing me how I think about editing it’s very important for you to understand that editing it’s not just pulling sliders randomly. The minute you understand how to think about editing a photo the results will improve drastically.

The “Forest Photography Editing Course” shows you how to edit through examples. It’s not a course on how to use Photoshop, so you need to know how to use this programs.

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Here are some Before and After examples from the course

3 fpe before after

2 fpe before after

1 fpe before after

Here are all 15 final versions of the edited images

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lpe all edited photos


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