Online Mentoring

Welcome to the
“30 Days Online Mentoring for Landscape Photographers”

What is this program about:

The idea for the Online Mentoring program came to me after a series of requests from different persons passionate about landscape photography that couldn’t join my workshops because of the distance or for other various reasons. Their goal was to be able to improve their landscape photography skills and knowledge through online critique from me.

That’s why I thought that I could offer a service where I replicate what I’m doing at my workshops where I talk to each person about their photos, settings, editing decision, composition in the photo and so on. This way I could offer this service to the people that are passionate about landscape photography but can’t afford the time to join one of my workshops!

During my workshop I talk face to face with each participant. So that’s why I planned two Skype sessions of 1 hour each, one in the beginning of the program and one in the end. In the first Skype session we’ll get to know each other and I’ll do a presentation of my vision about landscape photography.

I’ll also offer a first critique on a small portfolio of 10 photos of the photographer and I’ll be able to talk to you about what are your expectations from this program, what kind of information you want in my critique and so on.

Then, in the following 30 days, you’ll send me one email per day. It will contain one of your photos. You’ll write the settings used, few words about the photo, what is the focus or subject, an unedited version and a edited version.

The same day I’ll record a short video where I’ll offer you a constructive critique, point out the pluses and minuses, what are the things to look after in the future, editing suggestions and so on. The fact that the answer is through a video you’ll understand much better what I want to say!

Here is how the program works and the steps:

  1. After we establish that you’re interested and you make the payment you’ll start selecting 10 of your best photos and send it to me
  2. After that we’ll schedule the first 1 hour video call on Skype. During this call I’ll talk about my vision on landscape photography, offer you some general critique on the 10 images you sent me and you’ll tell me what you want from this program, what kind of critique, what information to be included in the critique.
  3. Starting the next day, for 30 days, you’ll send me one email per day. The email will contain one photo (the original version and the edited version). You’ll also specify the settings, what was the point of interest and what other things you think would be useful. That same day I’ll record a short video showing you your photo and offering my critique, ideas, suggestions, tips for framing, composition, settings and editing
  4. At the end of those 30 days we’ll have another 1 hour video call on Skype to share final impressions and to answer other questions of yours

This Online Mentoring Program is 1 on 1. There will be just you and me on those Skype calls and the critique I’m offering will be only for you!

Why ONE photo per day and not 30 Photos at once?

When you send only one photo per day, at the end of each day you’ll have a short video to watch. The information will accumulate over time. Your brain will start to notice patterns in my suggestions and I’m 100% sure that you’ll change the photos you want to send me and also maybe redo some of the editing.

Knowledge is better to be received over time to have a greater impact and the constant repetition for 30 days will assure that some concepts are also better received!

PRICES and variations of the service:
400 Euro: you get everything that is written above (two videos sessions on Skype 1on1 and for 30 days you send me one email per day with one photo and we discuss about it)
300 Euro: you get one video session on Skype, still 1on1 and only for 20 days you send me one email per day with one photo and we discuss about it
250 Euro: you get one video session on Skype, still 1on1 and only for 15 days you send me one email per day with one photo and we discuss about it

If you want to join this program send an email with the subject “Online Mentoring” at and tell me what program are you interested in. Let’s start improving your landscape photography skills!