Online Mentoring

Welcome to the
“30 Days Online Mentoring for Landscape Photographers”

As the name implies this is an online service for those of you passionate about landscape photography that want to improve your techniques, composition and vision.

Here is how it works:

  1. When we start the program there will be a 1 hour Skype discussion on how I see landscape photography … my vision
  2. After that, for 30 days you can send me one email per day:
    • this email can have one photo and you can ask specific questions related to composition, execution, editing and so on
    • you can simply send questions related to landscape photography
  3. At the end of those 30 days we’ll have another Skype session of 1 hour to talk about the program: how useful it was to you, what you’ve learned and also how do you think you evolved as a landscape photographer

The Skype sessions are 1 on 1. It’s just me and you: this way you get my full attention and you can ask your questions without anyone else interrupting.

The price for this service is 250 euro and for this money you are getting two Skype sessions of one hour each only you and me and for 30 days you can send me one email per day asking your landscape photography related questions (photography critique, composition, editing, general techniques).

You can also pay only for the Skype session that is 100 euro per hour (150 euro for two hours).

Send me an email with the subject “Online Mentoring” at and lets talk about this!