March 16 – 24, 2020
Physical effort required: minimum
Places left: full (send an email to be on the waiting list or a second group if there are enough participants)
Price 1800EUROS/person (includes participation to the photo tour and photographic guidance, accommodation in Rorbu houses with 1 or two rooms and 2 or 3 persons per room, car rental and gas)

You can opt in to stay alone in one of the rooms but still you’ll have to share the bathroom and kitchen. If you want it like this the additional fee is 450Euros
Additional costs are plane tickets to Evenes Airport and food/meals/water in the area
To book a place send an email to with the title “Lofoten Photo Tour 2020

Accommodations are different in Norway: the rooms are small but very clean and sometimes you may need to share the bathroom. If you are alright with this then this photo tour is for you and I can guarantee that we’ll have a great time photographing in one of the best places in the world.

General program (this can change depending on the weather and the group)

Day 1: we meet at Evenes Airport in Norway and we’ll be accommodated somewhere near the airport
Day 2: we start driving toward the south of the Lofoten Islands and until we’ll reach our destination we’ll stop in different place to make our first photos
Days 3 to 7: we start the day with sunrise session. We’ll also take a break to eat something and rest before starting the daily tour that will last until sunset. There will be days when there will be editing sessions on the photos that we’ve made and also discussions on the photos you, as a participant took during the photo tour. We’ll also be ready for the Northern Lights. Even though we\ll be there in a moment when the Northern Lights should be visible there is no guarantee that we’ll be able to see it and photograph it. We’ll photograph famous beaches (some of them are Skagsanden, Myrland, Vikten or Uttakleiv), fjords like Sund andNusjford or small villages like Reine and Å
Day 8: we drive back to Evenes airport and we stay there for the final night
Day 9: departure

To participate to this photo tour you have to be over 18 years old and to be physically fit to hike in the mountains. The hikes are of minimum difficulty. Only the hike to Kvalvika beach is a little more demanding and will take us the entire day

To enroll for this photo tour you can send me an email at with the subject “Lofoten Photo Tour 2020“.

Payment Details and Money back conditions
Payment is made through Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay. The fee of Paypal is 4.9% and will be added to the amount you pay.
If you announce that you can’t come to the photo tour with few than 60 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back only 350 euros.
If you cancel your participation before 60 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back all your money minus Paypal fee and bank transfer taxes.

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