October 21 – 31, 2020
Available places: 6/6
Physical effort required:
you need to be a person that hikes in the mountains to enjoy this workshop. It’s going to require a high level of physical effort
Price 1400 EUROS/person, single room occupancy with breakfast and supper. The price also includes transportation from and to the airport and also on location. The minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum is 6. SINGLE ROOM OCCUPANCY only where it’s going to be possible since we stay at some mountain chalets

To book a place send an email to tb@tomabonciu.ro¬†with the title “October Landscapes of Romania Photo Tour 2020
(make sure you read Payment Details and Money back conditions at the end of this page before sending your participation request)

During this workshop you’ll photograph in some remote mountains and areas in the north of Romania. We’ll be photographing Cuejdel Lake, Bicaz Gorge and the top of Ceahlau Mountain. We’ll be accommodated in 3 locations all near the places we need to photograph. On top of Ceahlau Mountain there is only one chalet where we can stay and over there will impossible to stay one person per room. On top of Cehalau Mountain will be staying multiple persons in one room in mountain conditions. The chalet is clean and has everything but still it’s on top of the mountain and is accessible only by foot!

Here is the program

Day 1
– I’ll meet you in Bucharest at Otopeni Airport
– The first day is for the group to get together. That is why the first night it’s going to be at a hotel from Bucharest
– in the evening we’ll take lunch and we’ll talk about the schedule of the tour

Day 2
– breakfast
– we leave toward Neamt County
– we accommodate, one person per room at a local pension
– short sunset session in the area
– supper and after that will follow a photography presentation made by Toma Bonciu to explain the type of photos we’re going to do and to offer some tips

Days 3
– sunrise session at Cuejdel Lake, accessible after a 45 minute hike
– breakfast on location, on the shore of the lake … we stay the entire day there, at the lake and we explore the area
– for the sunset we leave in another place
– supper

Day 4
– breakfast
– we change location and we drive toward Bicaz Gorge where we accommodate, one person per room at a local hotel
– sunset hike
– supper

Day 5 and 6
– sunrise session in the area
– breakfast
– day hikes photographing the area and the beautiful waterfalls from Bicaz Gorge
– sunset
– supper
– in one of these days will have an editing session and discussion on the photos made

Day 7
– breakfast
– we change location and drive toward Ceahlau Mountain. Depending on the weather conditions I’ll choose a trail to hike on the top of the mountain. If there is already snow on the mountain then the hike will take longer (about 4 hours)
– we accommodate on the top of the mountain at Dochia Chalet
– sunset session
– supper

Day 8 and 9
– sunrise session
– breakfast
– we explore the mountain
– sunset
– supper
– editing session in one of these days

Day 10
– breakfast
– we descent the mountain
– we drive back to Bucharest where we accommodate
– in the evening we take supper and we discuss final impressions about the photo tour

Day 11
– breakfast
– I’ll take everyone to Otopeni Airport and we say good bye

The price includes
– accommodation (one person per room where available and two nights at a hotel from Bucharest)
– breakfast and supper
– transportation for the duration of the workshop from the airport, local and then back to the airport
– participation to the workshop
– photographic guidance from Toma Bonciu during the workshop
– editing session
– analysis on 5-10 photos made by each participant during the tour

The price doesn’t include
– other meals and souvenirs

Payment Details and Money back conditions
Payment is made through Paypal or directly in an Euro account. You don’t need a Paypal account to pay. The fee of Paypal is 4% and will be added to the amount you pay. If you announce that you can’t come to the photo tour with few than 60 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back only 600 euros. If you cancel your participation before 60 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back all your money minus Paypal fee and bank transfer taxes.

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