October 10 – 15, 2022
Physical effort required: medium
Location: forests from Neamt County, Romania. This is the place where I make all my forest photography
IMPORTANT: I can’t guarantee that there will be fog in the forest. Nature has its own way! 🙂

Price 900 EURO/person (includes participation to the photo tour, bed and breakfast plus supper with single room occupancy)
To book a place send an email to tb@tomabonciu.ro with the title “Autumn Forests Photo Tour 2022

This workshop is for those that love to photograph the beauty of the forest. You need patience and determination. We’ll photograph only forests, so you really have to like this type of subjects. Landscape photography in forests can be challenging, because of the clutter and the chaos fo the forest but everything, from a trail, an interesting tree or a simple mushroom will become our subject.

In October I invite you to join me in my forests, to photograph the colors of autumn at their best. We’ll be photographing my favorite places in forests and mountain lakes from Neamt County, the area where I live.

The workshop will include editing sessions oriented toward forest photography editing. We’ll discuss how you approach composition in the forest, how do you find interesting subjects, focus, settings and using different lenses to capture the beauty of the landscape in the best month to be a landscape photographer.

Each day we’ll photograph during sunrise inside the forest or on the shore of a lake. We’ll stay on that location through the entire morning to benefit from the best light. We’ll take breakfast right there on location or after the photo shoot.

After that you’ll have a short brake or we’ll go to my studio to edit photos and discuss your compositions. After that we leave for the afternoon and sunset photo session. When we return we’ll go and have supper at a restaurant.

To participate to this photo tour you have to be over 18 years old and to be physically fit to hike in the mountains. The hikes are of medium difficulty: nothing technical, nothing dangerous but you need to know what it means to hike on the mountain.

To enroll for this photo tour you can send me an email at tb@tomabonciu.ro with the subject “Autumn Forests Photo Tour 2022“.

The price doesn’t include
– transportation to the hotel and in the area. You’ll have to rent a car and arrive at the hotel. We meet at the hotel/pension (I can talk to other members of the group if you want to share a car from the airport)
– you can also group with other participants to share the car while we drive in the area
– other meals and souvenirs (although I think I’ve included enough food in the price, so I don’t think you’ll need some more)

Payment Details and Money back conditions
You can also pay in a EURO account and you’ll have to pay transfer taxes.

If you prefer to use Paypal you’ll have 4% transfer taxes that you need to add to your transfer. In case you’ll get the money back the transfer taxes will be deducted from the tax.

If you announce that you can’t come to the photo tour with few than 90 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back only 400 euros.
If you cancel your participation before 90 days to the beginning of the tour you’ll receive back all your money minus Paypal fee or bank transfer taxes.

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