This course is addressed to beginners in outdoor and landscape photography who want to learn in just few videos what composition is all about.

I’ll talk about 9 rules of composition and in each video I’ll show you some of my photos to illustrate the concepts. After the presentation of the 9 composition rules, there will be 3 more videos in a vlogging style where I explore the landscape and take photos, while talking about composition and other tips.

Here is what you’ll get in the download:
– 14 videos on the following topics:
Rule of thirds and breaking the rule of thirds,
The S Curve,
Leading lines,
Intersection of power lines,
Separation with light,
Get away from the edges of the photo,
The frame inside the frame,
Negative space,
Sunrise Compositions (Practical example),
Long lens compositions in the forest (Practical example),
Woodland compositions (Practical example),
– File format: .mp4
– Total length of videos: 1 hour and 16 minutes
– Size of the .zip file download: 1.37GB

Price: 30 EURO


If you have any problem with the purchase or the download just send me an email at with the payment details