Hi everyone. I’m writing a book on Landscape Photography. Initially I started to write this book and half way through I realized I’m not writing the book I really wanted to write.

So now I’m starting all over again.

Landscape Photography
The thought process and the aesthetics of outdoor photography

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What’s this book about

I’ll start with what this book is not:

  • this book will not teach you the basic concepts like ISO, aperture and exposure time
  • this book will not teach you the features on your camera

Why? Because these are basic knowledge that you can get anywhere. I wanted to write this book to share my vision on landscape photography. The way a photographer thinks before making a photo I think is far more important than what settings he used.

Light is different. Your settings are just adjusting for the light. The important thing is what happens in the mind of the photographer.

So here is what kind of information you’ll find in this book:

  • how to plan a photo
  • what to look when you’re searching for a photo
  • how to think about the subject
  • how to plan the composition
  • how to think about editing

After all this I’ll include lots of case studies where I take photos made by me and I’ll discuss the thought process behind each photo. I think this is the best way to learn by seeing lots of practical situations and hearing about the process.

NOTE: because this e-book will have lots of photos will not work well with Kindle

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