This Lightroom Masterclass Course is designed for beginners that want to learn to use one of the most powerful editing software on the market. The course is designed to take from zero and all the way to mastering Lightroom CC.

At the end of the course you’ll also have 6 cases studies to help you better understand how to use Lightroom CC to create magical photos.

During this course you’ll learn:
– Setting up Lightroom CC and basic settings of the program
– Basic workflow in Lightroom CC
– Using the Library Module: Importing photos, tag them, index it, sort photos, contextual menus, applying settings during import
– Using the Develop Module for editing your photos
– Using the Web, Map, Slideshow, Book and Web Modules
– 6 Case Studies where you’ll learn to: correct perspective, remove fringes, adjust sharpness, color temperature and color adjustments, dodge and burning techniques

Software used: Lightroom Classic CC
Number of videos: 32
Number of RAW files: 6 for case studies
Duration: 4 Hours and 26 Minutes
Price: 50Euros
Size of the download archive: 1.6GB
Format: Full HD .mp4 video files


If you encounter any problem with the download of the course send me an email at with the payment details

Here are the 6 case studies with Before and After samples

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