Software used: Lightroom Classic CC
Number of videos: 33
Number of RAW files: 13 files for 7 case studies
Duration: 4 Hours and 25 Minutes
Price: 50 40Euros
Size of the download archive: 2.12GB
Format: Full HD .mp4 video files
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Toma Bonciu aka “Photo Tom” on Youtube is a landscape and travel photographer with over 10 years experience. He organizes workshops, photo tours and editing classes for more than 5 years. Now you can purchase this forest editing course that shows you how Toma plans an edit and also how he executes his plan.

In the course “Learn Lightroom” I take the viewer from the basic elements of Lightroom and up to the most advanced where I show you how to edit your photos in 7 case studies, at the end of the course. You receive 13 RAW files. Some of these files are part of a panorama. I start the course with the Library module where I talk about how to index your photos, filter them, use keywords or collections to organize it and then stars, flags or colors to have even more control on your filtering options. Then the Develop module is presented in depth and at the end I go through very quickly about the modules Web, Map, Slideshow, Book and Web.

At the end there are 7 more videos where I edit 7 photos and show you how I actually take all the knowledge I show you in the course and apply it to some of my photos.

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Here are the 7 case studies with Before and After samples

1 lr before after

2 lr before after

3 lr before after

4 lr before after

5 lr before after

6 lr before after

7 lr before after

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