This is a course in an essay type of format. The videos are designed to offer you tools in your process to create landscape photos so that you can start finding your own style.

The course is for every landscape photographer who wants his photos looking in a personal way. This is not an editing class or showing you how to photograph.

In this course I teach you how to think about your photos and the knowledge can be applied to any type of photography.

Here is what you’ll get int he download:

  • 7 videos on the following topics:
    • Intro
    • What am I photographing here
    • Examples
    • Visualization as a planning exercise
    • Aesthetics of composition
    • Visualize concepts through journaling while photographing
    • Before you go
  • Video format: Full HD .mp4
  • Total length of the videos: 33 minutes
  • Size of the .zip file download: 2.04GB

Price: 10 EURO


If you have any problems with the purchase or the download just send me an email at with the payment details