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My Photography Courses

The “Dreamy Forest Processing” Tutorials

The “Dreamy Forest Processing” tutorials features 3 of my best foggy forests photos that I edit using my signature editing style and my own techniques.

During this course of 1 hour and 6 minutes you’ll learn the following techniques:
– dodge and burn using my technique
– drawing attention to the subject by changing luminosity and color of different areas of the photo
– enhancing the colors of the trees using selective masks
– advanced masking for color and shadows
– advanced workflow using Layers, Masks and Adjustment Layers in Photoshop
– establish a mood in the photo that communicates a message
e desired result
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The “Outdoor Photography: Finding your style” Course

This is a course in an essay type of format. The videos are designed to offer you tools in your process to create landscape photos so that you can start finding your own style. The course is for every landscape photographer who wants his photos looking in a personal way. This is not an editing class or showing you how to photograph. In this course I teach you how to think about your photos and the knowledge can be applied to any type of photography. The course is 33 minutes long.
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The “Composition Rules in Outdoor Photography – Quick and Easy Guide” Course

This course is addressed to beginners in outdoor and landscape photography who want to learn in just few videos what composition is all about. I’ll talk about 9 rules of composition and in each video I’ll show you some of my photos to illustrate the concepts. After the presentation of the 9 composition rules, there will be 3 more videos in a vlogging style where I explore the landscape and take photos, while talking about composition and other tips.

There are 14 videos of 1 hour and 16 minutes and here are the topics: Intro, Rule of thirds and breaking the rule of thirds, The S Curve, Leading lines, Diagonals, Intersection of power lines, Separation with light, Get away from the edges of the photo, The frame inside the frame, Negative space, Sunrise Compositions (Practical example), Long lens compositions in the forest (Practical example), Woodland compositions (Practical example), Conclusion
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The “Photoshop for Photographers” Course

Photoshop for Photographers is a course where you’ll learn the basics of Photoshop. Photoshop is a vast software and can be used by photographers, designers, graphic artists, concept artists and so on. In this course I’ll focus on the tools that are used by photographers to edit their photos. At the end of this course you’ll understand the main concepts that are the foundation of Photoshop, like Layers, Masks and Non Destructive Editing using Adjustment Layers and you also get 5 practical exercises to see all these tools into action.
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The “Dark Moody Portraits” editing course

The Dark Moody Portraits course focuses on editing techniques in Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop. The concept of “dark and moody” doesn’t mean dark images or sad ones. It’s more about a feel or color scheme that is used during the post processing.

That’s why I’ll use cyan and blue to create contrast with the orange and reddish skin tones. The course is 1 hour and 28 minutes and there are 5 post processing videos.
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