Photography workshop in Bicaz Gorge Romania – August 2014 Making of

Photography workshop in Bicaz Gorge Romania – August 2014 Making of

Bicaz Gorge are some of the most spectacular gorges in Romania and is also the place where you can admire a world of massive stone walls carved by water. here we gathered on Thursday August 21, 2014 and although the clouds and the wind were closing down on us nothing stopped us from going out for some first shots around the Red Lake. After only a few minutes and only 5 or 6 photos it started to rain so we had to turn back to the hotel where after supper we discussed about photography and different editing and post processing techniques.

Friday started with a wonderful sunrise on Maria Rock and even though we had to climb a little bit to reach that place the view and the beautiful sunrise light make it all worth it. After breakfast we continued photographing the waterfalls from Bicaz Gorge and then we hiked on top of Ucigasul Peak (The Killer Peak) from where there is a wonderful panorama over “Lacul Rosu” Lake Resort (Red Lake Resort).

Saturday started with photographing “Lacul Rosu” Lake (Red Lake) at blue hour where participants learned how to photograph by using the hyperfocal because of the low light. After that we photographed some more waterfalls and from the top of Suhardul Mic Peak. The day ended on a narrow ridge called “Gardul Zanelor” (Fairies Garden) where we also saw the first colors of autumn.

After more photographic discussions up until late in the night came Sunday when the workshop ended. The wonderful thing about those meetings is that it brings people with similar passions together and even though they meet for the first time the leave as good friends and with the promise that they’ll come back to one of our workshops.

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