Making of from my Photography Workshop on Ceahlau Mountain

Making of from my Photography Workshop on Ceahlau Mountain

Between February 19 and 22 I organized a photography workshop on top of Ceahlau Mountain in Romania. Every time I climb Ceahlau Mountain I get a special feeling: maybe it’s because it’s the nearest mountain from where I was born. And yet, deep down inside, I know it’s much more. It’s a combination between my passion for photography, the beauty of the mountain, the legends of the place, old monks that used to live in these parts, memories … all these combined create an experience that evolves in me by simply speaking the word “Ceahlau”.

The workshop from February was exactly as I expected: snow, ice, fog, beautiful sunrises, great hikes, pleasant memories, teachings and above all lots of photography together with people that shared the same passion.

After we climb to the chalet on top of the mountain on Thrusday we had a Friday full of fog. Saturday we experienced a great sunrise and sunset and also a fun hike. The most interesting moment was the sunrise from Sunday because of the high clouds that reflected the light back onto the mountain creating the appearance of a pink snow.

I’ll let you watch the video and hope you’ll enjoy it!


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