Photo editing in 60 seconds – sunrise editing

Photo editing in 60 seconds – sunrise editing

Here is a simple way to edit sunrises using Lightroom and I’m doing this in 60 seconds (real time tutorial). First of all I’m checking Enable Profile Correction to correct the perspective of the wide lens, Remove Chromatic Aberration, adjust Masking for better Sharpening and add a Luminance value to reduce the noise.

Then I move over to the overall adjustments of the photo. Every sunrise photo will have some really bright areas where the sun is rising so I’m trying to compensate by dropping down the Highlights. Then I’m adding some detail in the Shadows and increase the Vibrance and the Clarity of the entire photo.

Using two Radial Filters to increase the Exposure in the center area of the photo as well in the foreground element. This will lead the eye into the photo … and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel :)

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