Simple winter landscape photography tips – PhotoVlog 2

Simple winter landscape photography tips – PhotoVlog 2

This winter of 2015-2016 was a strange one with few snow and warm temperatures. But one day it snowed heavily so I decided to take my photo gear and head into the forest. I packed my Canon 5D Mark ii and Canon 60D, my GoPro 4 Black edition, tripod (Manfrotto 055cx pro3), directional microphone for vlogging and my Canon 17-40mm F4 L and Canon 24-105mm F4 IS L lenses.

In the video you’ll also see my photo settings so you’ll have an idea about what to use in winter conditions inside a forest. The tripod is very important. You might say why use a tripod during the day but I’m sure that after you see the exposure time you’ll understand.

The location was a nearby forest that looked amazing under this heavy snow. If you are inside of your house on a snowy day then you’re not a landscape photographer. You need to go out there and take photos.

First tip for winter landscape photography
Measure your exposure for the snow and then over expose the scene by one or even two stops, depending on the light. The idea is to expose the snow in the right side of the histogram (near the clipping point)

Second tip for winter landscape photography
Use a white balance of Cloudy or Shade to compensate for the blue tint in the winter photos.

Enjoy your winter and make sure you also wear the proper gear when going out to take photos!

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