Speed editing in Lightroom – Urban photo in Florence

Speed editing in Lightroom – Urban photo in Florence

Welcome to another speed editing in Lightroom. This time I’ll edit an urban landscape with the tow of Florence, in Italy. In the beginning of any edit I start by making corrections. I Enable Profile Correction, Remove, Chromatic Aberrations, improve masking for better sharpening of the photo, adjust the Luminance value for some noise reduction.

When I’m having architecture photos I use the tools in Lightroom to straighten the photo’s verticals and horizontals. Then I use the Crop tool to make a panoramic aspect of the photo. Altering the Highlights and the Shadows will lower the contrast of the photo but will also increase the detail. I’m adjusting the Color Temperature of the photo towards blue. Lowering the Blacks and altering the Whites of the photo will add some contrast back into the photo.

Before moving to some local editing I also increase the Clarity and the Vibrance. The Clarity tool will make the small details of the building pop.

Darkening the sky by using a graduated filter and making it more blue will draw attention to the center area of the photo where the bridge and the buildings are. The same method is used to make the water more dramatic: I’m increasing the Blacks and rising the Whites. Now I have two areas of high contrast and dark tones: the sky and the water. This will draw more attention to the buildings.

In the end just by slightly increasing the Vibrance of the photo will make all elements pop. Hope you found this speed editing in Lightroom useful and you’ll subscribe to my channel!

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