Lightroom CC landscape photography basic editing

Lightroom CC landscape photography basic editing

This photo was made during one of my workshops. One the participants was stranding on the edge of this lake and I saw the opportunity to make this beautiful photo that shows proportions by including the human element.

In this video I’m using Lightroom CC to edit a landscape photo. I always start by correcting the perspective of the lens by enabling profile correction and remove chromatic aberrations using the tools from Lightroom. I also improve the masking of sharpening and use the luminosity to get rid of the noise.

The I adjust the temperature of the photo making it cooler. The overall adjustments I made involve increasing the details in the shadows and highlights ad some contrast and some clarity also. Before moving to local adjustments I also increase the vibrance of the photo.

Using a graduated filter I’m lowering the exposure of the sky for more drama. A second graduated filter will help me to darken the lower left corner and also do some local color temperature adjustments on the grass.

Using the Brush tool in Lightroom I create a mask for the surface of the water and drop down the black point and adjusting the color temperature for a more interesting and contrast effect. In the end with a radial filter I increase the attention on my subject by making the exposure higher. This will lead the eye toward the person in the photo.

In the end I’m using the Tone Curve to create more contrast but also a different look by slightly increasing the black point. Finally I’m dimming down the saturation of the blue and increase the overall exposure of the image.

As a landscape photographer you need to know how to edit your photos to get the maximum out of them. Lightroom is a powerful tool and learning how to use it is a must for every photographer.

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