8 Tips for photographing in the fog

8 Tips for photographing in the fog

I’m offering you 8 tips for photographing in the fog along with some camera settings I used for the photos presented in the video. As a landscape photographer I know that fog presents some great opportunities so whenever I have the chance of capturing the fog I go for it.

I’m also known for my foggy forest photos. Here is an article of mine on Boredpanda with “Stories of the forests” series http://goo.gl/CtkDMP

The camera equipment for this shoot was a Canon 5D Mark ii, Canon 24-105 F4 IS USM L lens and the Manfrotto 055CX PRO3 carbon fiber tripod. When these moments happen you don’t know how long there will be fog into the forest so you need to move quick. That is why I like to carry as little camera gear as possible.

As I said I have 8 tips related to photographing in misty situations … Tip number 8 will be a surprise 🙂

Tip 1
Usually the fog is early in the morning: so make sure you are there to photograph it before the sun rises

Tip 2
Once the sun is going up its warmth will break the fog

Tip 3
Fog adds mystery and helps you get rid of the forest clutter. It’s enough to find a trail and some trees to isolate and your photo should look much better

Tip 4
When photographing into the fog the camera will tend to underexpose your photo because the fog is so bright. Compensate for that if you want to see details in the tree trunks and not end up with dark silhouettes

Tip 5
When you’re starting to see the sun behind the fog expect sun rays through the trees any minute … so be prepared to photograph this really spectacular moment

Tip 6
In all the excitement don’t forget about little details of the forest. Concentrate on contrast and subject separation

Tip 7
As I expected the sun starts to break the fog and sun rays are shinning through the trees

Tip 8
This is the most important one 🙂 … make sure you have your microphone turned on

Here are few tips on photographing foggy landscapes. There are lot’s to talk about this subject and this discussion will continue in future videos.

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