5 Lightroom editing tips and tricks for beginners

5 Lightroom editing tips and tricks for beginners

I use Lightroom all the time to edit my photos and often I see the same mistakes others make on their edits. So I thought about creating a short video on 5 Tips on editing in Lightroom. These are basic tips for beginners but they stand at the base of any advance editing technique.

Tip 1
Enable profile correction. This check box will help you correct the perspective deformation of your lens. Sometimes you can do this just by clicking the check box in Lightroom but there are situations when Lightroom doesn’t know what lens you use … so it can’t correct the perspective for you. In this case if you are photographing architecture than you can easily use the Manual sliders to correct the perspective but in more complex situations you’ll still need the automatic correction. All you need to do is go into Profile and manually select a lens that is similar as focal length with the one you used.

Tip 2
Removing chromatic aberrations. No matter how expensive you lenses are it will still generate chromatic aberrations: these look like green or purple contour lines. They can be removed by clicking the check box but if they don’t disappear you can also go to Color and adjust the sliders so your problem is solved. Removing chromatic aberrations is very important since these green/purple lines are clearly seen on any print.

Tip 3
Use the histogram to see when clipping occurs. Use the shortcut J to activate clipping warning: red is for white and blue is for black. This feature in Lightroom will help you avoid a white spot in your print

Tip 4
When converting a landscape photo to black and white there are cases when you want a dark black sky. You can’t do this by dragging the luminance value on the blue channel but you can use a graduated filter and alter the Blacks of the sky

Tip 5
When using Vibrance or Saturation on landscape photos often you get a blue cast in the forest area. To correct that go into the HSL panel and dim down the saturation for the blue channel.

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