5 Tips for non destructive Photoshop editing

5 Tips for non destructive Photoshop editing

Knowing how to manage your edits is equally important as the artistic technique so editing non destructively and being able to come back on your decisions at any time it’s very important. Any mistake you make you don’t have to start over just redo that step you don’t like.

Photoshop allows for that kind of editing . In this video I show you 5 tips on how to do just that.

Tip 1 – Adjustment layers let’s you alter the brightness, contrast, vibrance, saturation and more and the best thing is that you get to come back to each setting to further adjust it
Tip 2 – Converting your layer to Smart Object will help you further adjust Filters or preserve quality when downscaling
Tip 3 – Cloning in a non destructive way ensures you can easily start over if you mess things up
Tip 4 – Cropping in a non destructive way let’s you come back and redo the cropping
Tip 5 – Dodging and Burning can destroy your image. You should do it non destructively and have the decision when and where to fine tune this effect

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