Photo Talk – Passion matters the most if you want to succeed (Episode 1)

Photo Talk – Passion matters the most if you want to succeed (Episode 1)

Hi everyone. I’m still on my vacation but I guess the photographer in me can’t stop talking J … I decided to divide my videos in two types: photography vlogs and photo talks. Today is Photo Talk Episode 1 where I want to talk about “passion in photography”.

I think passion is a powerful component of every successful photographer. It doesn’t matter the type of photography you do. I think you need passion to be able to go beyond the regular photographer. I personally know photographers that would like to photograph landscapes but are not willing to wake up for the sunrise or walk an hour through the darkness of a forest or go in a certain location by himself.

If you are truly passionate about your type of photography you’ll go the distance in order to create great photos. If you are passionate about your photography the moment you see other good photos you’ll go back and work harder to produce better photos.

And what means to work hard as a photographer? As a landscape and travel photographer this means to travel places and to make the effort of photographing during sunsets and sunrises. I know it’s hard. After all those sunrises I photographed I still have problems waking up at 3 or 4 AM to hike in the darkness for a sunrise. This is where passion kicks in. if you are truly passionate about your photography you’ll overcome any obstacle and you’ll do everything to achieve the best photos. You’ll sleep 3 hours if that’s what it takes to reach a vantage point. You’ll freeze in cold temperature or you’ll endure wind or extreme heat: it will all be for that photo.

Passionate photographers are the ones that make it because they understand how much work is needed to succeed, to be noticed, to produce great photos. Passion makes it fun and when you’re having fun doing what you do then that is a success by itself. So stay passionate my friends J

Now, in the end I would like to invite you to say your thoughts and opinions on this matter: use the comment section bellow and let me know what you are passionate about!

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