Photo Talk – There is no magic formula for rapid success as a photographer (Episode 2)

Photo Talk – There is no magic formula for rapid success as a photographer (Episode 2)

We live in a great period of time where the web and the social sites makes it easy to share our images and ideas. But we also live in a shitty world where billions of photos are uploaded every day. We all do photos: phone cameras are better, mirrorless cameras and DSLRs are affordable … so we all do it. We all upload photos on social websites every day.

So how do you feel as a wanna be professional photographer about that. How do you beat them. How do you make yourself heard from the noise. It’s not only the problem of those billions of photos uploaded every day: tens of thousands of those images may be good images … so you’re not competing only with quantity but also with quality.

So here is the secret: be patient and work hard. Work every day. Just because it’s Sunday this doesn’t mean you can relax. You need to be on top of everything all the time. We consume media in a completely different way than just 20 years ago and always on the run. And also the media trends are changing fast.

As photographers we like to think to ourselves as artists and we would love to live by selling the art we’re producing but the truth is we also have to live and pay the bills. So you can make your art but if you are not a well known established photographer nobody will pay for it. You also need to produce commercial worth photos … and you have to be good at it.

Patience, persistence, always being aware of visual trends, always posting your photos on social sharing sites, always working … do you think differently? I can’t see any other way. I can’t see a magical short way of reaching the top than to work as hard as you can and maybe, just maybe you’ll make it.

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