Landscape PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s time for BLACK and WHITE

Landscape PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s time for BLACK and WHITE

The snow that felt last night created a beautiful winter landscape so I had to go out and photograph it. I went out at sunrise hoping for some light but the clouds were gathered in the sky. Even though I saw no light the morning has something special so I think my photos turned ok. I also decided to shot in black and white because in my opinion this accentuated more the white of the snow on the rocks and the trees.

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2 Responses to Landscape PHOTOGRAPHY: It’s time for BLACK and WHITE

  1. Love all your photography and VLOGs!
    I would like to know what tea (brand and type) you used for that trip because it looked like you were in heaven!
    Also what thermos do you use because if it was still hot by the time you opened it, I need to get one of those thermos!
    PS I am the one that mentioned the broken windshield in another youtube VLOG of yours. I didn’t understand why you reply said that you are waiting because winter is approaching. We are only in August! Just saying because here in the US it is illegal to drive with a broken windshield and it is automatically covered by insurance. Maybe it is different in your part of the world.
    Keep up the good work my friend!

    • Thanks for the message. It’s just regular fruit tea (some local brand) but it’s mixed with honey and lemon. The thermos I really don’t remember the brand: all I know it’s from mountain equipment (I also have a camping thermos that isn’t that good). Here the insurance doesn’t cover the cracks in the windshield (during winter because of the stuff they throw on the road that is hard you can get cracks from other vehicles passing by). You can drive with the windshield like this if the crack is not on the driver’s side but only until the first technical revision when you’ll have to change it. Because in just few months the winter will come I’ll change it next spring 🙂

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